Board Member Highlight: Annie Smith

Annie Smith serves as our Chapter Historian and Newsletter Editor. Learn more about her below!

Annie Smith
Annie Smith

Name: Annie Smith

Company and Position: Mechanical Engineer at Ross & Baruzzini

What does your company do/provide? Engineering, architecture, and security consulting services

How long have you worked for them? How long have you worked in this industry? 3 years, 4 years total if you include my internship there

How did you come to work in your field? I started as a Computer Science major and found that wasn’t for after about a year. Then my college roommate told me about her architectural engineering classes and around the same time I got involved in the Solar House Team at Missouri S&T, which lead me down the path of building systems. Eventually, I took an HVAC class and loved it, then luckily, I got an internship in the mechanical department at R&B.

What is your main job function? What are you responsible for? My main role is mechanical design, which includes calculating building loads, sizing ductwork and piping, selecting equipment, creating design documents, doing fieldwork, and reviewing submittals. I also do energy audits, which involves more data analysis and development of energy conservation measures.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your job? Learning about all the different technologies and systems that can be used to heat and cool spaces is daunting – there are so  many ways to accomplish the same thing and learning the right way for different applications is tough as a young engineer.

What’s your favorite thing about working in this industry? There is always more to learn. I get bored without new challenges.

What’s your least favorite thing about working in this industry? Somehow all the deadlines end up falling around the same time.

What’s your involvement in ASHRAE? I am the Chapter Historian and Newsletter Editor. I also volunteer on the Research Promotion Committee. At the Society level, I am involved in TC 7.6 and 2.8, and I am involved in editing the new Standard 211 concerning Commercial Building Energy Audits.

What is your responsibility on the Board? I am responsible for producing the monthly newsletter with the help of my fellow ASHRAE leaders, compiling that annual Historian’s report and historical display for submission at CRC, as well as archiving the Chapter’s history in the form of both digital and physical files. It’s a work in progress!

What advice would you give someone just graduating college and starting in the HVAC world? Ask a lot of questions! Don’t be afraid to speak up and be honest about what you don’t know.

What’s something you’ve learned through your involvement in ASHRAE? ASHRAE is what you make it. If you want to make the most of your membership, you’ve got get out there and meet others. The technical aspect is good, but knowing who’s in your industry is very helpful.

What made you want to be involved in ASHRAE? I liked the idea of a chapter newsletter since when I volunteered to be editor in November 2014, we didn’t have one. I’ve been involved ever since!

Name one person who has been a mentor or an inspiration to you in your life. I have to go with two people – my parents. They have been a great inspiration to me over the years. I take a lot of my professional cues from their experiences that they’ve shared with me from their careers.

Do you have a favorite sport or team? I’ve played volleyball since I was 11 so that’s my favorite sport. As a fan, I root for the Cardinals. The Blues are pretty cool too.

What’s your favorite type of music or favorite band? I listen to electronic dance music mostly, but I don’t shy away from pop, rock, and a little country every now and then.

What’s your favorite thing to do for fun? I love playing volleyball, traveling, being active, wine and cheese-tasting, and scrapbooking when I have the time.

Where is the coolest place you have traveled? Or what was the best vacation you’ve ever had? I really enjoyed visiting China – many things are so different there in the everyday life.

When you retire and have a lot more time on your hands, what will you do? Travel as much as possible, read more, maybe volunteer… I don’t know – that’s a long way off!

February Chapter Meeting

Register for the February Chapter

Meeting Date: February 8, 2016

Russo’s Spazio Westport
12031 Lackland Rd
St. Louis, MO 63146

4:15 PM– 4:45 PM Registration & Networking
4:45 PM – 5:35 PM Technical Session
5:45 PM – 7:00 PM Dinner and Main Session


  • Chapter Members Cost $0.00*
    * when chapter dues paid
  • Non-Members Cost $25.00

PAYMENT METHODS: Credit Cards w/ Online payment during registration; Or – Paypal invoice on arrival.

Everyone must register even if you have paid dues.

ONLINE: Click on hyperlink below or copy and paste the URL into your browser: Please make sure that you fill in all the information requested, press ‘submit’ and then complete the form to the point where you hit ‘confirm’. Thank you.

CANCELLATION: You may cancel up to 8:00am on Monday before the meeting. If not canceled by this point you will be responsible for the meeting cost of $25.

PDH CERTIFICATES: Will be emailed to all attendees.



“Hydronics 101” by Jeff Boldt
Jeff Boldt will cover Hydronics 101. This presentation focuses solely on the basics related to configuration, layout, and major system components of hot water and chilled water systems as an introduction to hydronics for those new to the design industry.

“Understanding ASHRAE Standard 188 and Engineering Keys to Legionella Control”  by Jeff Boldt
Legionella is a waterborne pathogen that accounts for numerous deaths each year. Legionella species are among the pathogens that are a concern for facilities in potable and cooling water systems. While many guidelines exist to assist with reducing Legionellosis risk, incorporating these recommendations into building specifications at the design stage is not always straightforward and is often overlooked. THis seminar provides and overview of Legionella (the bacteria and the disease) and provides guidance to engineers on how to specify system design using existing guidelines and codes.


  1. Understand the challenges of Legionnaires’ disease prevention and control of Legionella in water systems.
  2. Know current trends in epidemiology (disease transmission), diagnosis, and treatment of Legionnaries’ disease.
  3. Distinguish and be familiar with Legionella disinfection and control methods, including chemical and non-chemical methods.
  4. Apply the information from this seminar to write specifications for water treatment in cooling water systems.

About the Presenter:
Jeff Boldt, PE, LEED AP, HBDP
KJWW Engineering– Principal | Director of Engineering

Jeff is a Principal and the Director of Engineering at KJWW Engineering, a 500 person firm. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in mechanical, fire protection, and acoustical design. He is registered in both Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineering.
Jeff is a voting member of ASHRAE’s 90.1 Energy Standard and chairs the working groups dealing with Hydronics, Elevators/Escalators, and Duct System Leakage. Jeff is also a voting member of ASHRAE 189.1 Standard for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings and chairs the 189.1  acoustics discussion group.

Jeff is an author of the Advanced Energy Design Guid (AEDG) for Large Hospitals and of the AEDG for Small Healthcare Facilities. He also has watched, cataloged, and rated every ASHRAE summer and winter meeting seminar since 2004.
He has served as Project Manager and Design Engineer on many award-winning projects; including the Agronomy Laboratory, which won the ASHRAE International Technology Award for the best HVAC design of the year and appeared on the cover of the ASHRAE Journal. Jeff is a member of ASHE, ICC, SFPE, WHEA, the WHEA Code Committee, the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Code Council, and the Wisconsin Mechanical Code Council.

Since 2012 Jeff has had articles published in the ASHRAE Journal (How 90.1-2010 Will Affect Healthcare Facilities, 2015 Hydronics 101), in CSE Magazine (What’s New in ASHRAE 90.1-2031 and also How Standard 90.1-2010 Will Affect HVAC Designs), and in Engineered Systems (Acoustical Issues in Healthcare and Humidification: Options, Amines, and the Effects of ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 170).

Thermos Header-usethisone

Thermos Newsletter – January 2016

Letter from the President

Welcome to the year 2016, and the midpoint of the ASHRAE season! This year, our chapter turns 99 years old, and continues a rich tradition of ASHRAE membership.

This year we’ll also be the host of the 2016 ASHRAE Annual Conference (June 25-29). This is a challenging endeavor, and I’m thankful we have a leader like Vinny Stanec to make it a success. His committee has done tremendous work thus far, but it’s not over yet.

This month’s regular meeting is our “R in Refrigeration” theme, where we host speakers focusing on refrigeration topics. Join us on January 11th, and don’t forget that we transition to evening meetings after the new year.

Finally, Society has asked that all chapters adopt a new set of bylaws. Our current bylaws were adopted in 2004, and are out of sync with national recommendations. The board will be considering the new bylaws this month and hopefully voting to accept an approved version next month.

Jim Rosick, Chapter President

Meeting Invitation: “R in ASHRAE”
  • January 11, 2016
  • Russo’s Spazio Westport
  • 12031 Lackland Rd.

4:15 – 4:45 Registration & Networking
4:45 – 5:35 Technical Session
5:45 – 7:00 Dinner and Main Session

Save the Date for our Programs!

*All programs for the rest of the year will be in the evening.
February 8, 2016 / Student Night/SMACNA
March 14, 2016 / Tour Night
April 11, 2016 / Scholarship and Awards

 HRATEC Closes Out 2015
Board Member Highlight: Jeff Henderson
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St. Louis Chapter Technology Awards

Tech Awards

HVAC Design Training

Industry News

Innovative Buildings Recognized By ASHRAE With Technology Awards

Switch says all data centers, clients on green power

Most Dubai towers built before 2012 ‘have non fire-rated exterior panels’

First-ever pump efficiency standards reflect industry and advocate consensus

Nations Approve Landmark Climate Accord in Paris

CWRU researchers to make virtual energy audits a reality

City of Las Vegas plans to go to 100 percent renewable energy

Orlando Conference Info
Orlando Conference Info

Board Member Highlight: Jeff Henderson

Jeff Henderson is our newest addition to the Board of Governors and has graciously stepped up to the plate to help out with Programs for the remainder of the year after Dan Krack stepped down from his position. Welcome aboard, Jeff!

Jeff Henderson
Jeff Henderson
  1. Name: Jeff Henderson
  2. Company and Position: Midwest Machinery, Sales Manager
  3. What does your company do/provide? We are a commercial/industrial equipment sales representative. We work with consulting engineers, contractors, and end users on projects to optimize their mechanical system design utilizing the latest technologies and products.
  4. How long have you worked for them? How long have you worked in this industry? I have worked with Midwest Machinery for 8 wonderful years.  I have been in the industry for 10 years.
  5. How did you come to work in your field? After graduating from Missouri S&T (UMR at the time), I took a position as an Inside Project Engineer for York/JCI in their Houston Sales office. After about a year doing that, I made a move to Outside Sales Engineer.  In 2007, I moved back home to St. Louis to work as a Sales Engineer for Midwest Machinery. I have since become Sales Manager for the St. Louis office, overseeing our entire territory, roughly spanning the eastern half of Missouri and the southern two-thirds of Illinois.
  6. What’s your favorite thing about working in this industry? Getting to collaborate with other engineers and contractors on exciting/interesting projects that don’t fit the mold of a typical job. I love being able to help an engineer do something different or difficult with the equipment we represent, and then seeing that plan put into place.
  7. What’s your least favorite thing about working in this industry? Probably just the ups and downs of the construction economy.
  8. What’s your involvement in ASHRAE? I have been an Associate Member since 2007, but just in the last couple years began getting more involved.  I was on the Programs Committee last year, and was elected to the Board of Governors after a vacancy opened up back in November of 2015.
  9. What is your responsibility on the Board? I will be taking over as the Programs Committee Chair for the rest of this year.
  10. What advice would you give someone just graduating college and starting in the HVAC world? Talk to experienced engineers in this industry. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, and you can’t be afraid to ask questions. Also, get involved in ASHRAE, SMACNA, USGBC, and other organizations where you can meet other engineers with similar backgrounds.
  11. What made you want to be involved in ASHRAE? (Either on the board or as a regular member.) I first signed up with ASHRAE in 2007 in order to network and meet other people in our industry.  As it became more clear what ASHRAE really was, I was motivated to become more involved.  I love how ASHRAE brings our local industry together once a month where we can talk about new technologies, recent projects, and current events as they relate to us.
  12. Do you have a favorite sport or team? I love all the local teams…Rams, Blues, Cards, and try to go to many games as possible.
  13. What’s your favorite type of music or favorite band? I am a big fan of 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s rock music.
  14. What’s your favorite thing to do for fun? I love to play golf when the weather allows it.
  15. Where is the coolest place you have traveled? My wife and I got married in 2012 in Venice, Italy. We spent a week there, and got to really explore the city.
  16. When you retire and have a lot more time on your hands, what will you do? Lots of golf and travel.
HRATEC Seminar - December 2015

HRATEC Closes Out 2015

The annual Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Technical Conference was held in December to close the first half of the ASHRAE year out for the St. Louis Chapter. The seminar revolved around four speakers on various topics: natatorium design and dehumidification, steam systems, design and commissioning for data centers, and OR and hybrid suite design and commissioning. Thank you to all our presenters!

  • Ralph Kittler – Natatorium Design and Dehumidification
  • Chris Barth – Steam Systems
  • David Meyers – Design and Cx for Data Centers
  • Keith Esarey & Eric Reuther – OR and Hybrid Suite Design and Cx