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ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter Annual Technology Awards

Every year ASHRAE asks its members to submit projects for the annual Technology Awards.  These awards recognize both your and your client’s dedication to unique, energy efficient, and/or green design.  Projects eligible for this award can fall under the following categories for new or existing buildings or retrocommissioning projects:  Commercial Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Industrial & Process Facilities, Public Assembly, or Residential.  There can be multiple winners in each category!

The submission deadline is Monday, March 18th, 2019.  If you have any projects you think may qualify, just follow the instructions on the simple 2 page form and send it to Brian Vaughan, CTTC Chairman, at

The Technology Awards are a great way to recognize both your client’s and your own dedication to unique, energy efficient, and/or green design.  Both the engineer of record and the client will receive plaques recognizing them for their role in the project.  The plaques will be awarded at the Spring awards program where the engineer and client will also receive complimentary meals and the engineer will present his or her project.

More information regarding the Technology Awards can be found at

The requirements are simple:  you must be an ASHRAE member to submit and projects need to be substantially complete but do not need to be in operation for 1 year (though that will be required to compete past the Chapter level).  Projects are then judged on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, innovation, cost effectiveness, operation and maintenance, and environmental impact.

All information regarding these awards can be found at:–conferences/honors–awards/technology-awards-program-overview

The Chapter Level application (short form) which describes what information needs to be submitted can be found at:–conferences/honors–awards/technology-awards-program


This Short Form has been developed to stimulate more participation in chapter and regional competition. This form is not intended to replace the full Society Technology Award Application form. Regional winners using the short form will be required to complete the full Technology Award Application form before their applications can be forwarded for Society Competition. (This form does not require extensive narrative, plans or photographs.)

  1. The individual submitting the Technology Award Application must be a current member of ASHRAE who had a significant role in the design or development of the project.
  2. Complete the “Short Form” and use it as the cover page.
  3. Provide a system schematic/diagram not larger than 11” x 17” in size. In addition, attach a brief narrative (maximum of 2 pages). The narrative should include the gross and net building areas applicable to the project, a description of the major building areas (i.e.,operating rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, industrial processes, offices, warehouses) and a brief discussion regarding the following six criteria ( if a criterion is not applicable, state accordingly):
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Innovation
    • Operation & Maintenance
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Environmental Impact
  4. Submit your schematic, brief narrative, and completed form to your Chapter Technology Committee Chapter (CTTC) Chair for judging at the chapter level in accordance with their instructions.
  5. Winners in each category from the chapter competition will be submitted by the CTTC Chapter Chair to the Regional CTTC RVC Chair. Submit the appropriate number of copies as requested by your Regional RVC.
  6. It is highly recommended that each entrant confirm by letter (and retain a copy for record) to the owner that the owner has granted permission to submit this project to competition.
  7. Submit the finished form and support documents to:

NOTE: ASHRAE Technology Awards are the HVAC&R industry’s most prestigious honor for efficient energy use in buildings and environmental system performance. While the awards do not certify responsible charge or professional license status, they do recognize outstanding design innovation and successful implementation

Download Application Form: Tech-Award-Application-Short-Form-January-2016