Thermos Newsletter – October 2015

Letter from the President

Thanks again to all of the past presidents who were able to attend the September meeting, and thank you so much to the membership for extending them such a warm welcome!

With over 100 attendees at the September meeting, we’re off to a great start for the season. I’m proud that our speaker for September, Sheila Hayter, commented on the strong attendance numbers our chapter enjoys. She sees many chapters on her Distinguished Lecturer visits across the nation, and is amazed to see a chapter our size get such strong attendance. Thanks to all of our active members for promoting ASHRAE to your co-workers.

We’ll continue the season in October with another Distinguished Lecturer. Don’t miss it! We’re also celebrating Research Promotion during the October meeting. I look forward to honoring the people and companies who have shown so much support for RP over the years, and to encouraging the future donors!

Chapter News

September Meeting Honors Past Presidents
Calling All Past Chapter Presidents!

We are compiling a year-by-year Chapter History and need your help! You represent a living piece of our Chapter’s history. To complete our Chapter History, we’d like to hear your story. Please tell us about the year you served as Chapter President by completing the online form found here. Please feel free to elaborate and tell us side stories and extra tidbits – that’s what makes history interesting! Email any questions and completed forms to Annie Smith, Chapter Historian, at

Honors & Awards Committee Hits the Ground Running
Next Meeting Announcements

Distinguished Lecturer & 2013-2014 ASHRAE Society President Bill Bahnfleth presents “The ASHRAE Building Energy Labeling Program” and “Integrating Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in Buildings.” The Tech Session covers the Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) labeling program for new and existing buildings and compares it to other building certification programs and identifies the benefits of certification. The Main Session covers the significance of indoor air quality in the face of rising concern for energy usage of buildings. Register here.

Polos for Donors!

This year the St. Louis ASHRAE Chapter will offer polos to RP Donors! If repeat donors increase their 2014-2015 donation by $50 (minimum $150 donation), they will be offered a polo. First time donors will be offered a polo if they make a minimum $100 donation. Read more here.

Research Projects in Region VI

Check out what’s going on in Region VI as part of ASHRAE research! Your RP dollars are helping fund these projects and more from around the world. Donating to ASHRAE Research helps progress our industry through a reputable scientific process to make informed decisions in writing HVAC&R buildings standards. Find our more about projects in our region here.

My  YEA Leadership Weekend Experience
CRC 2017 Committee Update
Board Member Highlight: Jessica Mangler
“In the Spotlight” Company Highlight

Would YOU like to be featured in our newsletter?

St. Louis ASHRAE would like to highlight a firm in our chapter’s territory. This is a great opportunity to get the word out about what your company does and how you contribute to our local industry. We’d like to include a brief overview of your company and how awesome you are as a representation of the high-caliber HVAC&R companies in our area. The article will appear on our chapter website and be linked to in a future newsletter.

Requirements for inclusion:

  • Required to have an employee that attends meetings often
  • Required to be a company that is relevant to the HVAC&R industry

If you’re interested, email, refer to this article, include your contact information and we’ll be in touch!

New ASHRAE Member Announcements

The St. Louis ASHRAE Chapter would like to welcome the new members. Be sure to introduce yourself to the newcomers at the next meeting!

  • Kellie Pressler – CBD Engineers Architects Planners, Inc.
  • James Bornholdt – CBD Engineers Architects Planners, Inc.
  • Neville McNaughton – Sanitary Design Industries, LLC
  • Charlotte Brunner – Lennox Industries
  • Tori Gillespie
Upcoming YEA Event

Come hang out with YEA for our October social event. This Happy Hour is open to the entire chapter! Register here.

In celebration of the month of October, YEA will be holding a happy hour at the LEED Silver Urban Chestnut Brewery and Bierhall located in the Grove.The unique blend between modern brewery and Bavarian bierhall makes for a fantastic environment to catch up with old friends and make new connections.

YEA Corner

Check out the great opportunities YEA has to offer young engineers:

Attention Students!

Have you heard about ASHRAE’s SmartStart Program? SmartStart is a 3-year program available to student members that allows you to upgrade to Associate level at a rate that is recent-graduate friendly. Simply put, it’s the best way for ASHRAE student members to receive the many benefits of Associate grade membership after finishing college. New program prices are (for 3 years respectively): $20 (+) $73 (+) $94 = $187 for 3 years of full Associate grade ASHRAE membership! Participants must be current students. Learn more here.

Call for Volunteers!

A number student chapters are seeking presenters on ASHRAE-related topics for their chapters. The student branches are SIU-E, SIU-C, Missouri S&T, and the soon to be established University of Missouri. This is a great way to connect with up and coming engineering students! If you are interested, please contact the Student Activities Chair, Danny McGrail, at

Student Scholarships

Society scholarship applications are due December 1st. Please encourage any undergraduates interested in the HVAC&R industry to apply. Through its scholarships, ASHRAE seeks to motivate students and prospective students worldwide to pursue a career in the HVAC&R field. The Society’s Scholarship Program also serves the public interest by aiding in the education of men and women to become qualified to practice as engineers in HVAC&R. More scholarship information available here.

Potential Women in Engineering (WiE) Group Within ASHRAE

St. Louis ASHRAE is reaching out to see if there is general interest in forming a “Women in Engineering” affinity group in St. Louis. This group’s focus will be on women supporting women currently working in industry related to the built environment.

Orlando Conference Info
Orlando Conference Info

September Meeting Honors Past Presidents

The September meeting honoring the Chapter Past Presidents was a great hit. Attendance was high, at least in part because of our presenter and topic. Sheila Hayter, Distinguished Lecturer and ASHRAE Fellow, presented on “Integrating Renewable Energy Systems into Buildings” in the Tech Session, in which she gave an overview of renewable energy resources available, specifically in Missouri and Illinois, and offered discussion on how to successfully implement these technologies.

In the Main Session, she presented a case study on the performance of NREL’s Research Support Facility, which is a 360,000 square foot LEED Platinum office building. This facility had an energy usage intensity (EUI) goal of 35 kBtu/sf/yr, and uses a solar PV system, daylighting control strategies, natural ventilation, and efficient design practices to achieve net-zero performance. To learn more about this project, click hereThank you to Sheila for taking time to speak to our Chapter!

Past Presidents are recognized at September 2015 meeting
Past Presidents are recognized at September 2015 meeting

Many of the Past Presidents of the Chapter were recognized at the meeting. They were also given a handout to help contribute to our growing Chapter History. This is an ongoing effort that records the history of our Chapter year by year. Each Past President is encouraged to submit information about the year they served. If you would like to be involved with this project or learn more, click here.

Bob Jones receives Distinguished Service Award
Bob Jones receives Distinguished Service Award

In addition, the most recent Past President, Bob Jones of Parker Sporlan Division, was honored with a plaque and a pin in recognition of his service as last year’s President. Bob served diligently as a member of the Board of Governors for many years on many different committees to benefit the Chapter. His service is greatly appreciated!

Finally, Rory Stegman, a close friend and colleague of Kirk Mescher from CM Engineering, volunteered to say a few kind words about him. Kirk passed away August 19, 2015 and was considered one of the leading geothermal experts in the country. He served as an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and received ASHRAE’s Distinguished Service Award in 2009. The St. Louis Chapter is proud to call him a member and he will be greatly missed.

Honors & Awards Committee Hits the Ground Running

Chapter President Jim Rosick has appointed Stephen Duda to serve as Honors & Awards Chairperson for the 2015-16 Society year.

Steve has already submitted formal nominations to ASHRAE headquarters for two St. Louis Chapter members who are active at the Society level for the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes members who have served ASHRAE faithfully as a member of committees and giving freely of their time and talent on behalf of the Society. It is a lifetime cumulative points-based system. If Society confirms the nominations, the awards will be presented at the plenary of the 2016 Annual Conference (in St. Louis) on June 25, 2016. Steve is seeking suggestions and input on nominees for this and other Society awards, including the Fellow Award.

Chapter President, Jim Rosick, presented an award to the St. Louis Chapter’s immediate Past President, Robert Jones, at the September St. Louis Chapter meeting’s “Past President’s Day”. The award, consisting of a handsome wall clock plaque and a presidential lapel pin, recognizes Bob’s dedicated service to our Chapter as 2014-15 President. In addition to his service to our Chapter, Bob Jones also serves at the Society level on two Technical Committees and three Standards Committees, all related to refrigerant piping, controls, components, and accessories – the “R” in ASHRAE.

My YEA Leadership Weekend Experience

This past summer I had the honor of attending the YEA Leadership Weekend (YLW) in Montreal. The weekend is designed to help young engineers learn more about Society, develop soft skills, and network with other young professionals.

The daily educational sessions revolved around understanding your own personality type as well other types, leadership development for young professionals, and communication techniques. I found these sessions to be absolutely fascinating and enlightening. It can be really easy to forget the power of soft skills in such a technically driven engineering environment. Soft skills are amazingly important when trying to build and communicate among project teams as well as when trying to portray solutions and their benefits to clients who may not have the same technical background as Society members.

The weekend also provided amazing networking opportunities. The YLW had attendees from Brazil, Canada, Singapore, and the United States (I quickly learned that Canadians are not overly fond that we have claimed the title “Americans” as they were quick to point out that they were from the Americas as well). Every one of the attendees was truly dedicated to ASHRAE and the engineering community and it was inspiring to be surrounded by such talented and dedicated young engineers.

I would strongly encourage any young engineers, especially those who have a desire to become involved at the regional or Society level to attend future YLWs. I welcome anyone interested in learning more about the weekend to email me at Learn more here.

– Mike Mosbacher, YEA Chair

Board Member Highlight: Jessica Mangler

Jessica is this year’s Research Promotion Chair. Learn more about her here!

Jessica Mangler
Board Member Jessica Mangler
  1. Name: Jessica Mangler
  2. Company and Position: Mechanical Engineer at Ross & Baruzzini
  3. What does your company do/provide? Consulting Engineering Services
  4. How long have you worked for them? How long have you worked in this industry? I have worked for Ross & Baruzzini for almost 2 years, but I’ve been in the HVAC industry for 6 years.
  5. How did you come to work in your field? My degree is in Architectural Engineering, which targets graduates to work in the building industry. I specialized in mechanical systems after I finished my thermodynamics class and decided that I really enjoyed this field of engineering!
  6. What is your main job function? What are you responsible for? I work on the Higher Education & Research team at my firm so the majority of my projects are University/College work in the surrounding area.
  7. What is the biggest challenge you face in your job? Juggling different projects, deadlines, and ASHRAE commitments. It’s a challenge, but I love challenges!
  8. What’s your favorite thing about working in this industry? The people! I think our industry has great camaraderie, especially within ASHRAE. Some of my closest friends are people I’ve met through ASHRAE!
  9. What’s your least favorite thing about working in this industry? This is a hard question but I don’t like when people/processes/designs get stuck in their old ways. Another one of the things I love about our industry is that it’s always evolving and there’s so much potential for improving designs and saving energy. While it’s a challenge to always be constantly changing, I think it’s important to be mindful of our impact on the environment and strive to do our best.
  10. What’s your involvement in ASHRAE? At the Society level, I serve on three different technical committees (TC’s). I’m the webmaster and a corresponding member for TC 6.2 (District Energy) and TC 6.1 (Hydronic & Steam Equipment & Systems). Additionally, I’m the secretary and a voting member for TC 8.12 (Desiccant Dehumidification Equipment & Components). I’m also scheduled to present a technical session at the Orlando Winter Meeting. At the Chapter level, I serve on the board of governors (currently as the Research Promotion Chair). Additionally, I’ve participated in the YEA Leadership U and LeaDRS programs, which are awesome!
  11. What is your responsibility on the Board? I’m the current Research Promotion (RP) Chair which means I’m in charge of raising money from our Chapter to meet our RP Goal for the year. Money raised for RP goes towards HVAC&R research projects. Results from these research projects are used for papers presented at ASHRAE Society Meetings, to update the annual volumes of the ASHRAE Handbooks, and to update ASHRAE Standards & Guidelines. If you’d like to support ASHRAE RP, you can make a donation at the following link! 🙂
  12. What advice would you give someone just graduating college and starting in the HVAC world? Get involved in ASHRAE! It’s a great organization that allows you to network with peers and provides an abundance of learning opportunities for anyone wanting to work in the HVAC industry.
  13. What’s something you’ve learned through your involvement in ASHRAE? How to talk to strangers and network. This is harder than it sounds and doesn’t come easy to everyone! But once you learn to put yourself out there, you realize that there are so many amazing people to meet and things to get involved in.
  14. What made you want to be involved in ASHRAE? I was an ASHRAE member in college at Kansas State University. K-State has a very strong student chapter which set me up to be an involved ASHRAE member when I graduated. As a student ASHRAE member, I attended Society Meetings and regular Chapter meetings. So early on in my career, I saw the benefits of being involved in ASHRAE (both at the Chapter level and Society level) and knew that I wanted to be a part of this association.
  15. Name one person who has been a mentor or an inspiration to you in your life. It’s hard to pick just one person! However, Julia Keen was my advisor and professor in college. She’s currently on the Board of Directors and is very involved in ASHRAE. I credit her with introducing me to ASHRAE and has continued to serve as a resource to me whenever I have questions about how things work within ASHRAE or even questions about my career.
  16. Do you have a favorite sport or team? Of course! If you can’t tell by the amount of purple in my wardrobe, I’m a huge K-State fan! Go Wildcats! #EMAW
  17. What’s your favorite type of music or favorite band? I’m very particular about music but I’m more into Indie/Folk stuff. I’m not a fan of country music, sorry not sorry! And when I’m not listening to music, I listen to a lot of podcasts!
  18. What’s your favorite thing to do for fun? Travel! I just finished a vacation where I hiked/camped with a few friends at Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks in Southern Utah. It was absolutely beautiful and I had a blast!
  19. Where is the coolest place you have traveled? Or what was the best vacation you’ve ever had? Last year I went to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest with a group of friends and that has to be the best/coolest vacation yet. All of those cities are amazing and I’d love to go back and visit!
  20. When you retire and have a lot more time on your hands, what will you do? Haha, probably more travel! There are so many places I’d love to visit and re-visit!