2014 Technology Awards – Apply now!

Every year ASHRAE asks its members to submit projects for the annual Technology Awards. These awards recognize both your and your client’s dedication to energy efficient, green design. Both the engineer of record and the client receive plaques and complimentary meals at the Spring awards program. This year we are asking the award winners to present their own projects at the awards program so their efforts can rightfully be recognized.

The submission deadline is February 28th, 2014. If you have any projects you think may qualify, just follow the instructions on the simple 2 page form and send it to Chad Adler, CTTC Chairman, at chad.b.adler@jci.com

Here’s a link to the form: Chapter-Regional-Application-Short-Form

2/10 Paulauskis Slides


Please see attached slides for the 2/10 dinner meeting.


Noise Controls for Rooftop Units and Noise Barriers for HVAC Equipment  –  John Paulauskis  –  JPAcoustics There are generally two types of rooftop units in HVAC systems, one that contains only fans and cooling/heating coils for supply and return/exhaust airflow, and a second type that includes compressors for DX coils in addition to the fans.  The “indoor” noise control methods for these two rooftop systems is different and requires an understanding of the noise sources and paths to occupied spaces below the rooftop units.  This presentation will provide recommendations for the most effective rooftop unit noise controls.   “Outdoor” noise from HVAC equipment located on rooftops and on grade can be attenuated by construction of noise barriers around the equipment.  The amount of noise reduction is dependent on the type of noise source, barrier construction details, location and height of the barrier, and the reflective surfaces around the equipment.  The effects of these parameters on the amount of barrier noise reduction will be presented.

ASHRAE St Louis RTU Noise Control 2-10-14

ASHRAE St Louis Noise Barriers 2-10-14

ASHRAE 2-10-14 Long Adds to RTU Noise Controls

ASHRAE 2-10-14 Long Adds to Noise Barrier

February 2014 Dinner

LeaDRS – Seattle

The LeaDRS program is designed to introduce young ASHRAE members to the business side of annual and semi-annual ASHRAE Society meetings. LeaDRS shadow our Region VI chairpersons with the hope of developing future chapter and society leaders.

Our own Jessica Mangler of Ross & Baruzzini was selected to represent Region VI at the 2014 winter meeting in New York City.

Applications are now available for the 2014 summer meeting in Seattle.





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ASHRAE Biography, February Main Session speaker, Kris Kollevoll



Kristan (Kris) G. Kollevoll, President of BRD Noise and Vibration Control, Inc. is a graduate of PrincetonUniversity.  Kris started with BRD as a Sales Engineer in 1982 and became Sales Manager and Vice-President in 1988. 

In 1994, upon the death of Bernard R. Deschaine, founder of the company, Kris became President and added several new Sales Engineers to BRD’s staff.  Additional Regional Offices have been opened in the Midwest, Southwest and Southern States and plans are underway for other offices in the New England and West Coast areas as well. 

Kris is affiliated with the Acoustical Society of America and Institute of Noise Control Engineering and has also served as an outside consultant for the training of OSHA Citation Officers.

Kris has worked extensively to aid such prominent companies as DuPont, Alcoa, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Proctor & Gamble, as well as a long list of HVAC OEMs in designing and manufacturing long-term engineered noise control solutions.

Around 1988, Kris formed a separate HVAC Division within BRD to focus on developing proven solutions for recurring noise problems.  BRD is a recognized leader in the field of noise reduction systems for air cooled and liquid chillers and for curb mounted rooftop packaged air conditioning equipment.

BRD is a frequent presenter at ASHRAE Chapter meetings.