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The April 2012 chapter meeting will be held at LUNCH time on Monday, April 9th, 2012.

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Main Program at 12:00 P.M. (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE)

Sustainable Chilled Water Systems

This presentation will explore several different chilled water system choices and some benefits of shifting peak load of the HVAC system to save energy costs. Producing and storing ice at night, when energy costs are lowest, and discharging cooling during the high on-peak rate period, reduces demand charges and can lower peak power usage.

We will discuss the application of different types of chillers circulating a cold glycol/water solution through dedicated ice tanks. During the on peak discharge cycle the glycol/water solution is piped through the tanks. The cooled solution is then circulated to satisfy the building cooling load.

Carefully applied, demand charges and energy costs can be reduced.

Sustainable designs and high performance standards such as ASHRAE Standard 189 will be discussed.


Julian R. de Bullet has over 40 years experience in the HVAC industry. He is Vice President, Business Development with FAFCO Thermal Storage Systems LLC. His career has concentrated on the applications of Chilled Water and All-Air systems as a manager of applied equipment sales and of a service/performance contracting operation. Recently he was Director of Industry Relations for a major HVAC manufacturer.
As ASHRAE Vice President (2001/2003), he served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee and was Chair of Member Council and Publishing Council. He is Past President of the National Capital Chapter and was Director and Regional Chair for ASHRAE Region III. He is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer with over 300 Seminars delivered around the world with topics including “Responsible Refrigerant Use”, “Sustainable HVAC Systems”, “Variable Primary Flow System designs” and “90.1 and LEED”. He is a member of ASHRAE TC 8.2 Centrifugal Chillers and has co-authored numerous ASHRAE Handbook chapters. He chaired the Professional Development Committee, (Responsible for the ASHRAE Educational programs), was a voting member of the Publications and Education Council and the Society Advocacy Committee. He has co-authored ASHRAE Position Documents on Energy Efficiency, Natural Refrigerants and Ozone Depletion. He is a Life Member and holds the Distinguished and Exceptional Service Award

He presently serves on both the Honors and Awards Committee and the Nominating Committee.

He is a Graduate of the London University system in England, where he obtained an Electrical Engineering degree and a Diploma in Marketing.