Board Member Highlight: Zach Melber

Zach is our new Student Activities Chair – welcome to the Board!

Zach Melber
Zach Melber, Student Activities Chair
  1. Name: Zach Melber
  2. Company and Position: Behrmann Company – Sales Engineer
  3. What does your company do/provide? Manufacturer’s representative that provides solutions through a broad range of exceptional equipment for basic to complex HVAC systems. For over 60 years, Behrmann Company has provided solutions to contractors, engineers, universities, hospitals, and other institutions.
  4. How long have you worked for them? How long have you worked in this industry? I have worked in the industry and at Behrmann Company for a year.
  5. How did you come to work in your field? I took a HVAC class at Missouri S&T which I enjoyed and decided to pursue a career in the HVAC field.
  6. What is your main job function? What are you responsible for? My main job function is to consult with owners, engineers, and mechanical contractors to provide an efficient and cost effective building design.  Also, I’m responsible for providing service for the equipment Behrmann Company provides to my clients.
  7. What is the biggest challenge you face in your job? My biggest challenge is earning trust from engineers with limited experience in the industry.
  8. What’s your favorite thing about working in this industry? Constantly learning about new technology to increase building efficiency.
  9. What’s your involvement in ASHRAE? Student Activities Chair
  10. What is your responsibility on the Board? Meet with ASHRAE advisors at SIUE, SIUC, UMC, MS&T and promote the ASHRAE scholarships.
  11. What made you want to be involved in ASHRAE? Learn more about the industry and where it is heading as well as networking.
  12. Do you have a favorite sport or team? I played football at S&T so football is my favorite sport.  The St. Louis Cardinals are my favorite team though.
  13. What’s your favorite type of music or favorite band? I enjoy various genres of music but my favorite is probably country.
  14. What’s your favorite thing to do for fun? I really like to be outdoors and active.  My favorite things to do for fun are playing sports, snowboarding, hunting, and boating.
  15. Where is the coolest place you have traveled? Or what was the best vacation you’ve ever had? Hawaii for two weeks.
  16. When you retire and have a lot more time on your hands, what will you do? Travel around the world to see unique places.  Also, golf and hunt at various locations around the world.