November Meeting Topics Focus on Air-Side

The Technical Session topic for the November meeting was “Fan Efficiency Grade Requirements,” presented by Jay Eldridge. Jay is the Applied Air Systems Development Manager for Daikin Applied. He is an ASHRAE member and served as Chair of the District Energy Technical Committee (TC 6.2) and is a member of the Large Building Air-Conditioning Systems Technical Committee (TC 9.01).

Jay Eldridge_Tech Session_Fan Efficiency Grades
Jay Eldridge delivered the Technical Session on Fan Efficiency Grades

The Main Session speaker was Jerry Williams, who presented on “Duct Static Pressure Calculations and Proper Ductwork Design.” Jerry is Senior Vice President and Principal of 8760 Engineering and has over 40 years of experience in design, analysis, and commissioning of HVAC systems. From 1982 through 1990, he was principal lecturer and co-author of the ASHRAE Professional Development Seminar Series titled “Air System Design and Retrofit for Energy/Cost Effectiveness.” He is a former St. Louis Chapter President and served 1995-1996.

Thank you to both our speakers for your technical knowledge and expertise!

Gerald (Jerry) Williams_Main Session_Duct Pressure Calcs
Gerald (Jerry) Williams presented in the Main Session on Duct Pressure Calcs