ASHRAE Fellow Nominations Requested

Did you know that only one current, active member of ASHRAE’s St. Louis Chapter is formally recognized as an ASHRAE Fellow?  This is an oversight that needs to be corrected, because the St. Louis Chapter most definitely has a number of ASHRAE members deserving of that distinction and honor, and we need to let Society know more about the quality of our members.

What is an ASHRAE Fellow?  ASHRAE members who have attained distinction in the fields of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation or the allied arts and sciences through invention, research, teaching, design, original work, or as an engineering executive on projects of unusual or important scope. The individual must have made substantial contributions and have been a full grade member in good standing for at least ten years prior to the date of their election.

Recognition is in the form of a plaque with a medallion and a lapel pin.  There is no limit on number awarded per year.  A completed Fellow Nomination Form, a letter of nomination and at least two sponsor letters (one of which must be from a current ASHRAE Fellow), a current ASHRAE Bio, and digital photo are required.

Eligibility requirements for election to Fellow:

  • Good standing as a full grade Member for at least ten (10) years.
  • Attained distinction and made substantial contribution in HVAC&R and in the built environment such as:
    • Education and/or research
    • Engineering design/consulting/forensics
    • Invention/original work
    • Engineering executive on projects of unusual or important scope
    • Sharing knowledge and contribution through outreach activities such as mentoring, publications, oral presentations and involvement in industry activities
    • Other activities leading to advancement of the arts and sciences of HVAC&R and the built environment including that of contractors, OEMs and their representatives
  • “Distinction” is interpreted to mean: Seen by his/her peers in the industry as a person of excellence.
  • “Substantial contribution” is interpreted to mean: one or more contributions to the industry which had a notable, unique, and positive impact in the advancement of the arts and/or sciences of HVAC&R and of the built environment.
  • After submission, proposals for Fellow undergo a peer review by the ASHRAE Honors and Awards Committee.

The Honors & Awards Chairperson for the St. Louis Chapter is Stephen Duda.  Submit your suggestions for Fellow Nominations (including justification) to him at  He has submitted successful Fellow nominations before and knows the process well.

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