Board Member Highlight: Michael Mosbacher

Michael is the incoming YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) Chair! Learn more about him below.

Mike Mosbacher is the new YEA Chair!
Mike Mosbacher is the new YEA Chair!
  1. Name: Michael Mosbacher
  2. Company and Position: 8760 Engineering / Project Mechanical Engineer
  3. What does your company do/provide? 8760 Engineering is a consulting firm which provides engineering analysis and design services.
  4. How long have you worked for them? How long have you worked in this industry? I’ve worked at 8760 Engineering my whole professional career starting with an internship in the spring of 2012 and have been full time with the firm since July 2012.
  5. How did you come to work in your field? I’ve always been interested in energy and making things more efficient. I was lucky enough to come across 8760 Engineering my senior year of college and get an internship. I haven’t looked back since.
  6. What is your main job function? What are you responsible for? I primarily work in an assisting role to lead project engineers.
  7. What is the biggest challenge you face in your job? It’s been a huge challenge to learn about all the different equipment and components that go into a job (the stuff nobody teaches you about in school), but I also fully embrace the challenge and thoroughly enjoy that I get to learn something new every day that I go to work.
  8. What’s your favorite thing about working in this industry? I like that there’s no real monotony in the work I do. Every job brings a unique set of challenges to overcome, not matter how similar they may appear at face value.
  9. What’s your least favorite thing about working in this industry? Honestly, that there’s no market in space (yet). Maybe I’ll talk to NASA about retrocommissioning the International Space Station…
  10. What’s your involvement in ASHRAE? I wasn’t overly active in ASHRAE until I started going to the YEA events, but it wasn’t long after my first event that I found myself leading the group. I’m really excited to be more involved and hopefully get other young engineers more involved as well!
  11. What is your responsibility on the Board? As the YEA chair, I am in charge of planning events to engage young engineers with each other in the St. Louis area as well as promote the general St. Louis ASHRAE Chapter among young engineers.
  12. What advice would you give someone just graduating college and starting in the HVAC world? Ask as many questions as possible. Even if you’re not in the HVAC world, there will never be a day that you’re done learning. In the words of Bill Nye (The Science Guy!), “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”
  13. What’s something you’ve learned through your involvement in ASHRAE? I’ve learned, through meeting other engineers, that the St. Louis HVAC community is pretty close knit. ASHRAE really serves as a communal engineering support group where engineers are always willing to help other engineers out.
  14. What made you want to be involved in ASHRAE? (Either on the board or as a regular member.) After (finally) being able to attend my first YEA happy hour, I immediately wanted to become more involved in the group. Chad has done a great job with YEA, and my goal is to take that great base and push the group to a new level and draw more young engineers into the St. Louis ASHRAE community.
  15. Name one person who has been a mentor or an inspiration to you in your life (does not have to be in ASHRAE or in your professional career). Tell me about how they influenced you. My parents have both been the ultimate role models in my life. They have always taught me to work hard and give back to my community, but constantly remind me to make time for myself, because we all need to take time to relax and have some fun.
  16. Do you have a favorite sport or team? Any team that plays sports in St. Louis I will be a die-hard fan of, but the Cardinals have always been a long time favorite of mine. I hope we get a professional soccer team in the near future though; soccer has always been a favorite sport of mine.
  17. What’s your favorite type of music or favorite band? EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is my favorite type of music and Above and Beyond is my favorite group.
  18. What’s your favorite thing to do for fun? Listening to or playing music. I probably have music playing around 10+ hours each day, and I also play the drums and guitar.
  19. Where is the coolest place you have traveled? Or what was the best vacation you’ve ever had? Munich, Germany. This trip was absolutely incredible. Munich is a big city, but feels like you’re walking around an old Bavarian town. I was able to visit the old Olympic village, the BMW factory/museum, and several war memorials, making it an incredibly scenic, educational, and fun trip. It also doesn’t hurt that I love beer, sausage, and pretzels.
  20. When you retire and have a lot more time on your hands, what will you do? I’m not sure what it will be, but I really want to do something related to space. I am just absolutely fascinated with everything to do with space and what’s out there. I’m pretty sure there will be more options of how I can be involved by the time I retire, so maybe what lies ahead for me isn’t even a thing yet?