2015 Product Directory Accounts


It’s time to update your profile for the St. Louis ASHRAE Product Directory! If you would like to participate and have not received log-in information, please contact me as soon as possible at jmangler@rossbar.com.

This year’s edition will be managed through our directory located at http://ashrae.indoxservices.com/ . Account editing is set to close Friday, March 20, 2015 at NOON.

With your request, an account profile can be created and accessible for editing. Without confirmation, your advertisement will not be published.

We have completely re-done the Product Categories. We have kept some categories, combined some categories, and deleted some categories. Overall the total number of categories has decreased.

Because the number of categories has decreased, everyone’s profiles will most likely be shorter and we’ve changed the pricing structure of the Product Directory to ensure that we capture all printing costs. Last year the cost was $0.60/character. This year there will be a minimum cost of $175 which will include 250 characters. After 250 characters, it will be $0.70/character. Please understand that even though the cost per character price has increased, we fully anticipate that for most accounts, the total bill will be less than what you paid last year. Again, this is because we’ve decreased the number of categories, therefore decreasing total character count.

On behalf of the St. Louis ASHRAE Chapter, I would like to thank you for your involvement in our Product Directory and the local HVAC community.

Thank you,
Jessica Mangler, P.E.
St. Louis ASHRAE Membership Promotion & Publications Chair