2/10 Paulauskis Slides


Please see attached slides for the 2/10 dinner meeting.


Noise Controls for Rooftop Units and Noise Barriers for HVAC Equipment  –  John Paulauskis  –  JPAcoustics There are generally two types of rooftop units in HVAC systems, one that contains only fans and cooling/heating coils for supply and return/exhaust airflow, and a second type that includes compressors for DX coils in addition to the fans.  The “indoor” noise control methods for these two rooftop systems is different and requires an understanding of the noise sources and paths to occupied spaces below the rooftop units.  This presentation will provide recommendations for the most effective rooftop unit noise controls.   “Outdoor” noise from HVAC equipment located on rooftops and on grade can be attenuated by construction of noise barriers around the equipment.  The amount of noise reduction is dependent on the type of noise source, barrier construction details, location and height of the barrier, and the reflective surfaces around the equipment.  The effects of these parameters on the amount of barrier noise reduction will be presented.

ASHRAE St Louis RTU Noise Control 2-10-14

ASHRAE St Louis Noise Barriers 2-10-14

ASHRAE 2-10-14 Long Adds to RTU Noise Controls

ASHRAE 2-10-14 Long Adds to Noise Barrier

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