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The March Chapter Meeting will be held on Monday, March 12th 2012

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Spazio Westport

12031 Lackland Road

St. Louis, MO 63146

The following is the technical secession from 5:00 to 5:50:


“Engineering without creativity is a dead if not self-duplicating technology”; hence the call to reconsider the importance of creativity. Practically every problem faced by engineers will have alternative solutions. The search for these calls for creativity and “divergent thinking”. During this session the role of subconscious and right brain thinking will be explored, and creativity-enabling techniques for successful ideation will be presented. The session will encourage dialog and participation, as well as some introspection, by all. This will be worth 1 PDH.

The main program will be 6:00 to 7:00 approx.:

“Sustainability and Electrical Energy Production ”


The industry at large has been challenged with the concept of sustainability. While some consider this to mean “leaving our environment in exactly the way we found it”, it is quite more subtle than that. Broader definitions will be reviewed and the nature of sustainability will be presented with the recognition of the importance those environmental, social, and economical effects should all be considered. Examples will then be given in which sustainability is not met, while yet assumed. The presentation will then focus on various methods of generating electricity, and their relationship to sustainability. The purpose is not to provide specific answers but to encourage the listeners to be challenged and to question as to what proper stewardship might imply. The lecture will end with a sharing of myths and dreams, and a statement of what sustainability is in the context of ASHRAE’s mission. This will be worth 1 PDH.

Lecturer(tech secession and main Program): Victor Goldschmidt is an Emeritus Purdue Professor of Mechanical Engineering with more than 45 years of lecturing experience, Fellow and Past Director-at-Large of ASHRAE, and honorary member of the IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration), ACAIRE (Colombia Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, AAF (Argentine Association of Cold), and ASURVAC (Uruguay Association of Refrigeration, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Heating). He has also served as chair of the ASHRAE Task Group on Climate Change, and while serving in that role and carefully reviewing the published literature he slowly changed his perspective on the culpability of refrigerants in ozone depletion and global warming. His industrial experience includes having been an Application Engineer, and a Development Engineer with Honeywell, as well as serving as team leader with numerous research contracts with the HVAC&R industry. He also led research teams through grants with the DOD, NSF, and other governmental bodies. With more than 200 publications, he served as mentor to both graduate and undergraduate students. His earlier research and teaching included studies in atmospheric flows, and turbulent transport processes. Currently he is a facilitator to leadership training, problem solving and strategic planning sessions, a County Planning Commissioner and formerly a Trustee in the Leelanau Township Board in the Lower Northwest Michigan.

His service as an ASHRAE DL includes lectures on: Global Warming: Differing Perspectives (also could be in the form of a jury trial involving participants); Principles of Leadership and Group Dynamics; Principles of Leadership and Change; Sustainability and Energy in the Context of Power Plants; Problem Solving in Engineering; Air Conditioning: A Look Into the Past, myths and a Guess into the Future; Myths in Engineering, Active Listening and Styles of Communication; ASHRAE’s Core Values, Code of Ethics, and Their Implication; Releasing Individuals’ Own Creativity; and training sessions on: Leadership Principles; Engineering Problem Solving; Engineering Creativity; and Strategic Planning.